Glider Technology

The Glider technology is a breakthrough pendulum mechanism of a rocking chair with a bunch of undisputed advantages.

The Glider technology is a new approach to production of rocking chairs. Having combined the typical features of classic rocking chairs: comfort and reliability, the Glider technology enhances and improves the comfort level, adding more of safety and efficiency.

Thanks to its technology, Glider armchairs provide the new level of comfort.
The smooth swing of pendulum mechanism ensures easy and flexible motion. Glider armchairs have been designed to consider all customers requests. Ergonomics, safety, silence, reliability – is not the complete list of Glider’s advantages.

Glider armchairs are safe for the flooring because the armchair base lies static on the floor and is not involved in rocking.

Glider armchairs are ideal for mothers with kids as soft and quiet swinging takes little effort, thus ensuring comfy sleep for a baby and mother.
The Glider technology allows to quickly get rid of fatigue both for a young man and for a respectable businessman.
The new level of comfort of Glider armchairs will be appreciated by the youth and by adults

The Glider technology is a totally new approach to armchair production which ensures new level of comfort and security for the customer.

Why Glider?



Glider armchair base, positioned flat on the floor, remains still and does not perform the rocking function. This technology eliminates wear of the flooring.


Contrary to classic rocking chairs, the limited swing of the pendulum mechanism of Glider armchairs excludes its overturning caused by exceeding of the maximum swing while rocking.


Simplicity of Glider technology ensures high level of reliability.


Small size
Contrary to classic rocking chairs, Glider armchairs take up minimum space.

Other Glider Advantages



Smooth and noiseless motion of pendulum mechanism, provided by parallel motion of bearings in the armchair base.


Glider armchair technology does not have a high effect on price, thus discovering new comfort levels at reasonable costs.

Flexibility (Autonomy)

As the Glider pendulum mechanism does not interact with the flooring, its quality and type do not influence the swing of the pendulum mechanism.


Variable back rest positions in certain models of Glider armchairs fitted with pendulum mechanism block, an impossible feature of classic rocking armchairs.


Glider technology allows controlling of the swing, amplitude and speed of rocking.


An option to turn on and off the pendulum mechanism on certain Glider armchairs.